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A Professional Musician Swears He Is Impressed With the Quality of These Hi-Definition Bluetooth Headsets


And you, too, can enjoy such professional quality music
(and voice calls) with the benefits of Bluetooth Technology

Dear Friend,

Just in time for Christmas.  Or Valentines.  Or graduation.  Or someone's birthday.

Perfect gifts for any occasion -- especially to yourself!  

We still sell magicjacks and other gadgets.  And you can check our latest catalog at if you'd like to review them.

I'm happy with my old bluetooth headsets, and I still use them today on other gadgets.  Kaya lang, dalawa kasi ang cellphones ko -- kaya mas na-appreciate ko etong mga bagong headsets.

New models of bluetooth headsets! (As of December 12, 2013).

***** To order immediately, call 09175102258 or (02) 215-6593.

The first is the

Sony SBH50 Stereo Bluetooth
Hi-Fi Wireless Headset with FM Radio

Authentic audio!

Your music will sound as good as you want with these Bluetooth™ stereo headphones. The bass is deep and the treble is clean and clear. Music the way it was made.

Even the person you are calling will experience superior sound!

The integrated microphone technology is designed to pick up the broadest range of frequencies in human speech.  At the same time, background noise is kept to a minimum.  

SBH50 Bluetooth Headset

Personally, I myself am using one of these.  For me, the best benefits I like are:

SBH50 Pair with Two Devices with Multipoint Technology

1) Multi-compatible, Multipoint.

You can use Stereo Bluetooth™ Headset SBH50 with any device that supports standard Bluetooth™ audio streaming (A2DP) including the most popular laptops, smartphones and tablets.

This wireless headset will also connect to two smartphones or other devices at the same time.

SBH50 Swappable Headphones Feature2) swappable headphones (you can use any other headphones, like skull candy, bose, beats, or whatever earphone you'd like to use).

Because of this feature, you can plug ordinary speakers (or even large amplified speakers!)

Imagine using this in the car,  during board meetings so everyone can hear the other line, or whatever.  There are tons and tons of usage for this feature!

Just imagine.

But of course, the benefits do not stop there.  Here's more:

SBH50 Smart Wireless Headset

3) A Smart Wireless Headset 

With app extensions available at Google Play, you can browse your call log, read text notifications and messages in an easy-to-read OLED display.  (Subject to compatibility -- most android phones can do this.)

So far, tried with samsung and sony phones and it works very well!  Ang sarap talaga gamitin.

Keep your phone in your pocket or bag. It’s convenient. A built-in FM radio lets you enjoy real-time entertainment on the go without consuming phone battery power.

MW600 Wireless Music Streaming

4) Wireless music streaming
With A2DP you can stream high-quality stereo music from your phone to your wireless headset or other Bluetooth™ devices.

MW600 Never miss a call

5) Never miss a call
It’s called a stereo portable handsfree because it’s for more than listening. A microphone, call answer key and 3.5 mm jack to swap headphones are all built-in.

Get the most out of your entertainment!

Hear the movie sound track as it was meant to be.  Your laptop, tablet or smartphone gives you the visuals.  Let Stereo Bluetooth™ Headset SBH50 give you the experience..

SBH50 Controls


(1) Volume Keys
(2) NFC Sensor
(4) and (6) Next / Previous track keys
(5) Play / Pause music key
(7) Back key / Menu key
(8) Power key
(10) Answer / Call End / Call log shortcut key


(3) 3.5mm Headphone Connector
(9) Micro USB Charger Connector

SBH50 Unit 2


Talk / Music / Radio time: up to 8 hours
Stand by time: up to 400 hours
Charging time: 2 hours

Dimensions: 58 x 24 x 8 mm.
Weight: 15.8 g

SBH50 Package

The second gadget is the

Sony MBH10
Noise Cancelling Headset
 (single ear)

MBH10 Noise Cancelling Headset

Light and easy.

Eto naman, frankly, I'm not personally using this kasi ginagamit ko na ako nung SBH50.  like the other older models, before I started selling this, I had my sisters tested it.  

And yes, she likes it!  And she even promoted this to her friends dahil impressed nga siya.

Plus, dun sa several people na nakabili so far, all of them are extremely satisfied (with plenty of positive comments).

MBH10 noise cancelling headsetMy guess is that they really love the idea that you can use this headset with two phones -- hindi mo na kailangan ulit-ulitin ang pairing.  I would also say that this would be the number 1 benefit of using this gadget.

HD Voice – crystal clear handsfree calling

You and your caller can enjoy excellent call audio. Mono Bluetooth® Headset MBH10 is HD Voice ready*. In busy environments or while driving, your hands are free and your phone can be in your pocket, bag or anywhere within Bluetooth® range (up to 10 meters).

The MBH10 certainly looks like an ordinary bluetooth headset.  Simple.  Reliable.  Usable.

Wait for it...

MBH10 noise cancelling headset

Bluetooth Media Enabled (A2DP Music OK!)

When you’re driving, you can use your MBH10 to listen to turn-by-turn navigation directions from your phone. You can also use it to listen to other media such as web radio, music and other audio.  

Set up
The Sony Ericsson MBH10 is very easy to set up.

Just like the SBH50, you can pair two phones at the same time because of multipoint technology.  To do this, you need to press and hold down the plus sign on the volume key while pairing the second phone. Two orange flashes on the indicator light shows that multipoint has been enabled.

Audio quality
As with the Sony SBH50, we found the MBH10 to have very good call quality. The MBH10 incorporates full duplex echo cancellation and intelligent real-time noise reduction, that really does seem to make a difference, although you will probably only notice a difference in the loudest of environments.


HD Voice
Intelligent real-time noise reduction
Multipoint support (use the headset with two different phones at the same time)
Remote voice volume control
Second call handling (singlepoint mode only)
Talk time: up to 9 hours
Standby Time: up to 360 hrs
Power: Charges 90% within 2 hours
Charging connector: Micro USB

Universally Compatible

You can use this comfortable mono headset with any Bluetooth® enabled phone, tablet or computer. Enjoy hands free convenience on the road – in-car calling and navigation, in the home – video calling, VOIP calling and downtown – quality calling on the go.

***** To order immediately, call 09175102258 or (02) 215-6593.

What's in the Box?

Sony Ericsson MBH10 Headset
Sony Ericsson Micro USB Cable (for Charging)
Three (3) Ear buds, one is already attached
User guides

And ang okay dito, both of these Bluetooth headsets are Universally compatible and tested to work with most Bluetooth-capable mobile phones.  We tested it on Nokia phones, Samsung phones, Sony phones, Android phones, BlackBerry phones, iPhones -- basta may Bluetooth!

Trust me, you can't go wrong with these.  Ang ganda talaga ng quality!

Okay, okay, I like them!  sige, I'm interested to buy them!
But the biggest question would be

How much does it cost?

I have to tell you frankly -- they're not cheap.  Because products of these quality and calibre have their rightful and well-deserved prices.  Still, we would say that our prices are quite competitive.

Imagine, atleast we saved you the hassles of flying 1400 miles yourself, walking and checking out store after store, and not being able to understand their English as you talk to them.  Worse, how sure are you that you can trust the store you visit?

At least diba -- more than these headsets themselves, we get to provide you with all the convenience, all the reliability, and all the peace of mind.  How much is that worth for you?

So if you're looking for something cheap, I would say these are not the right products for you.  Go to the side walk vendors, and go to the streets -- and look for cheap headsets -- brand X's and Y's.  I'm sure you'll find them.

But if you're looking for a good bargain and getting great value for your money, you've come to visit the right website.

SBH50 boxedMBH10 noise cancelling headset

The Sony SBH50 Stereo Bluetooth with FM is only
 Php 4,200 nalang!  While the other model, the Sony MBH10 Noise Cancelling Headset is only Php 2,500 nalang!

Why are we selling them at these competitive prices?

Because I got them when I traveled to Hong Kong.  So you can rest assured that these are genuine products, with genuine chargers and genuine packaging.

Plus, I would assure you that these are good quality merchandise because I myself have tried, tested and used them all.  Ako mismo gumagamit ng mga eto.  I'm actually listening to music -- using it right now as I write this email.

And if that doesn't assure you yet, then let me add a 30-day 90-day replacement warranty (yes, 90 days na ngayon ang warranty natin for Bluetooth headsets.)  If within 90 days, the Bluetooth headset you got from me will manifest a manufacturer defect, I'd be happy to replace it with a new one.

Kami lang ang nag-o-offer ng 90-days replacement warranty for defects (bluetooth headsets).

Yes!  We are the only store that offers a 90-day replacement warranty for bluetooth headsets.

How do I get them?

You have three options:


1.  Local Pick-up

Pasay City, Metro Manila


You can visit us in our home-office to pick up your gadgets.  Or, you can also ask someone (maybe your personal messenger, or a friend) to visit us and pick it up for you.

It's along Taft Ave., in between Libertad LRT Station and Cartimar Shopping Center entrance.  Our compound has a Red Gate.  In front of our compound there is an Asia United Bank.

You'll also see an Electron Technical beside the Red Gate.  Ask the Guard where Apartment Y-1 is.  Look for Anthony / Tonton.

Please contact me first BEFORE coming so I can surely assist you.


For clearer instructions on how you can get here, below is a sketch:

Sketch to Demo and Pick-up place in Pasay City

Our complete pick-up address is:

Anthony Pena
L.T. Sy Compound, Apt. Y-1
2308 Taft Ave., Pasay City
1304 Philippines


2.  LBC / Air21 / FedEx or Aboitiz 2go (Additional Php 100 lang)

No worries, no hassles.

Highly recommended for provincial orders.


Air21 / Fedex DeliveryLBC Delivery

Whether you're from metro manila or from a different province, and would like to order one, just add 100 pesos lang and it shall be delivered by LBC (or Air21, or 2go, or JRS Express -- whichever is available).  Payment is done by deposit to my bank account or G-Cash.

The bank account details are:

Banco De Oro Bank Deposit
Banco De Oro (BDO)

Libertad-Taft Branch
Anthony Pena
Current Account

BPI Bank Deposit

Pasay Cartimar Branch
Anthony Pena
Savings Account

Metrobank Bank Deposit


Buendia-Taft Branch
Anthony Pena
Savings Account


As soon as we confirm your payment, text or email us your complete name and mailing address so we can send it to you.


We’ll also provide you with the tracking number so you can call them up and ask about the whereabouts of your package.


Again, No worries, no hassles.



3.  Cash on Delivery (COD)

(Available within Metro Manila)


We understand that you might be on a tight schedule, and you don’t like the hassle of going to the bank yourself, getting in line, and doing the deposit yourself.  So we made this option available to you.


Just call us and book a delivery schedule, and you can just pay him as soon as he personally delivers your items to you

We’ll just have a very small delivery charge, just enough to cover for messenger delivery costs and messenger time, depending on your location.

Whichever of the three options you choose, I'd be happy to provide excellent service to you.

These are great products!  I want to order some for myself and for some gifts.  So what do I do now? 

Pick up the phone and call me now at (02) 215-6593 or 09175102258 and place your order.  You know you’d be happy you did.

*** In case you can't reach us in those phone numbers (probably because of the many callers inquiring), you may also reach me or any of my teammates through the following numbers:

(02) 215-6593 [Globe Duo Landline]
(02) 964-2150 [Globe Duo Landline]

09175102257 [Globe]
09175102258 [Globe]

1-626-789-7055 for USA, Canada and International Orders [Email] for USA and International Orders

Thank you, and blessings be abundant to you!

Anthony Pena
magicjack distributor

mobile (philippines) 63.917.510.2258
office (philippines)
office (usa magicjack) 1.626.789.7055

 We're still selling the old model, Sony MW600.  Same price parin, Php 3,200 lang.  Yung bagong Stereo Bluetooth, yung SBH50, maraming stocks.  Pero yung lumang model, Sony MW600, konti nalang.  If that's what you're looking for, then you can get it from us.   I really am hoping na mag-benefit ka sa email na eto, and isa ka sa mga makakuha neto.  So just give me a call and place your order.

MW600 Bluetooth Headset

MW600 Pair with Two Devices with Multipoint Technology

MW600 Swappable Headphones Feature

MW600 Size 6cm         MW600 Bluetooth Headset Clip

MW600 Package

MW600 boxed    

MW600 Volume Control

Sony Ericsson MW600 Specifications:

Talk / Music / Radio time: 11 Hours

Stand by time: 250 hours

Charging time: 2 hours

Dimensions: 17.5 x 15.0 x 62.0 mm.

Weight: 13g