Did the thought of a black pussy come to mind? Do you secretly wish you could grab some huge tits and probably sink your face into them or is it the huge round asses that turn you on? Dude, you should seriously consider joining BlackCrush. This site is home to many hot black girls who happen to be horny and hungry for your fucking cock. Even better, it could be a girl next door looking for a fuck buddy, with no conditions. How cool is that?

Signing up is a breeze. It’s free, and after verifying your email, you’ll be arrived buddy! As for your profile, you need a killer photo, a title or a headline, a little info about yourself and then what you want; perverted, busty, thick, round or whatever suits you best. For the security of your data, the System hides your real emails, Instant Messenger Handles, Social network profiles, phone numbers or other personal contact information from your profile. The Pornodude was really impressed by it; If you are asked to reveal personal information during a chat, they will also hide it!

Their Homepage is pretty cool and designed in the form of cards with Violet background. There are a few little splashes of color to highlight how you are on it. This is also the place where you’ll find member Tweets from the various girls who are trying to get your attention to chat with you, lists of; recent Chats, featured members, latest Hotties, best Matchups that looked at me (views last 7 days that have added me as a favorite, new Matchups, my friends), member reviews (hot or not?), amateur member videos, adult movies online, and live Webcams. I am sure that you start, just as the Pornodude also thought, getting the impression that there is too much fun to be had here.

Navigation through the Website is quite easy with an advanced search engine like yours. It has various sorting options which includes: near me, now online, latest, detailed, userName, best matches and supported. There is also the possibility to choose the age group of sought-after women. You see! No Problem, just to find as many pussies as possible.

You can easily access all your messages through the message center, where you can view messages in the inbox, emails sent, Flirts, gifts and friend requests. It is important to note that all messages older than 30 days are automatically deleted. Messages from VIP members take precedence, and you must activate your VIP Pass to access these messages.

Now, if you’re ready to Upgrade, the membership plans are as follows: 3-day trial membership for $2.97 per day or $8.90 for one payment; 10 profile views and send messages/days, Gold 6 month membership for $11.65 monthly or $69.90 a Rate with access to advanced features such as: guaranteed promotions, daily access for new members, SMS, personal Matchmaking, photos of private friends, unlimited profile views, multiple search features, access to an award-winning website, the best in class of 2017 and finally “meet today”. Other membership plans include the Silver membership for 3 months for $ 16.65 per month or $49.95 as a one-time payment and the monthly VIP Plan that applies for $ 29.95. Both plans guarantee unlimited food and profile views, leading the Porn Dude to conclude that Gold membership is indeed the “best DEAL”. Payments can be made via your credit card and PayPal, which are fortunately secured.

Check out the Quickie section that suggests hits to choose from. That’s how it works; you check their profiles, and if you’re interested, you click yes, and if not, click no. After your answer you will be notified and you will receive Feedback. What an easy, super-fast way to get laid!

The Porn Dude has even better news for VIP members; access to unlimited XXX movies and damn! They don’t get any less juicy than what they look like. Well, if you stick to the basic free membership Plan, you should reconsider because you won’t be able to get messages from the VIP members, as well as chat with girls near you.

The network and Favorites section helps you keep an eye on private photos and favorites for friends who are online. You can both accept friend requests and send them through the manager of your friends. Say goodbye to lonely days and nights and open yourself up to wild fun.

We enjoy websites like BlackCrush that they don’t host annoying ads and strive to provide a clean, enjoyable experience. There is also 24/7 customer support. Do you see now why they say that there are many fish in the ocean? Go and have fun with Black Crush.

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