Some people say that you can’t buy love or happiness through money. Other people say that any sexual or romantic relationship is actually at its core just a business arrangement. The people behind seem to agree with the latter, or at least they expect you to. At the top of the home page it says that it is the place where beautiful, successful people build mutually useful relationships. This is a little vague, but the next section talks about Sugar Daddy’s merits.

For the dense, retarded or under-medicated, let me be clear: this is not a dating website for poor people. Well, poor chicks can volunteer, provided you look good or at least if you blow a cock horny. Potential Sugar Daddies who want to score, need money in your pockets.

What are the benefits of Sugar Daddies?
The benefits of having a sugar Baby seem pretty obvious, don’t they? Some people like things that are made clear to them by a website, so Seeking Arrangement does just that.
First of all, the odds are stacked in favor of the guys. They have a cute little Symbol that explains that they have” 4 Sugar Babies per Sugar Daddy”. A cute pair of scissors cutting a string redefines the expectations of the relationship in Clip Art Format. There is a glowing heart that looks almost religious, a Text that offers “frank and honest collusion with someone who responds to your needs.”

These include the benefits of Sugar Babies. The ladies can find a Mentor, meet experienced men and be pampered. This is illustrated with a cartoon sign pointing to success, which looks like the graphic of a new tuxedo T-shirt and a shopping bag with a red ribbon on it.

Basic expectations of a Sugar Daddy relationship really make a hell of a sales pitch, especially when coupled with the Web 2.0 graphics. A young Designer made his parents proud and helped many rich guys get a blow job.

Anyone can offer anything, but Seeking lets you know they are genuine by mentioning all their mentions. They have been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, CNN and several other major magazines. In addition, they have been around since 2006, so they are not a short-lived operation.

One should think that a website that revolves around rich guys getting laid will at least ask the rich guys to cash in, but the button says that I can participate for free. You need to earn your money somewhere, but I’m curious how far I can get for free. Who knows? I could decide that I need a sugar girl.

Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mamas and sugar girls
Registration is quick and easy. They ask you a few questions, including what gender you are and whether you are a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. This means that guys who want to be pampered can look for Sugar Mamas on Seeking, which I hadn’t even thought about. A woman who fucks me and buys me things? Fuck Yes! Sign me up.
It’s an inclusive site, so they also ask if you like men, women or both. I guess trans fans are unlucky, although they are easy to find on any traditional Escort site.

The last question before you receive a profile is about your Facebook account or email address. You can get a free Upgrade by simply using a .edu email address, because student girls are beautiful and need the financial help of a rich Gentleman and a stiff Penis.

Most of the profile information you’ll enter is typical Dating sites stuff. They want to know when you were born, where you live, how much schooling you had and how much you drink. Don’t worry, the options are a bit vague. You don’t have to confess that you drink half a Liter of Whiskey every night.

The last set of questions starts with what you are looking for in a relationship. These are slightly different depending on whether you are trying to become a sugar dad or a sugar girl, but limit yourself to time commitments, how much emotional connection you want and whether you will offer or demand a luxurious lifestyle.

The overall design of Seeking requires less of the polite dance that people do when trying to get into a relationship. This is for people who not only know what they want, but are willing to say it very clearly from the beginning. It seems that this can save people a lot of time, but it requires a certain degree of bending to social norms. No big deal for someone who reads ThePornDude, right?

None of this, however, feels overly businesslike. The Arrangements are in clear black and white terms, but it doesn’t feel like an Escort site. This is simply a dating site for a few specific demographics that meet in the middle and are connected via money.

Thirsty, poor Sluts, looking for
The real selling point of any Dating website are the women on it. You can have the best sales pitch in the world and it won’t be worth shit if all you have is four emaciated old sluts with fucked teeth ready to suck you but an hour’s drive away.
By default, Seeking shows you members within a Radius of 250 miles. It seems to be far, but it goes up to 1,000 km. It makes sense, because rich Motherfuckers are definitely willing to travel for it. However, the default setting works for me as I already have 306 results to choose from.

A bunch of the ladies had blank profile pictures, so I filtered them out and left a few hundred. Next, I narrowed it down to the age of 18-29 years, leaving about a hundred behind. I’ve filtered out about 20 non-drinkers because in my experience they don’t usually like anal. Another 30 were cut because they let trouser shits run around.

There were still 40 women left. You know what? It really looks like there are a lot of students here. The filters on the side of the screen show options for background checks, Premium or diamond accounts or chicks who have looked at me. I can choose size, training or hair color, but some options are locked.

The relationship status, ethnicity, income and wealth filters are all restricted to Premium Users only. Even with the Premium access you can not search the profile text, which can be very annoying. On the other hand, shouldn’t the kind of guy who’s out to be a sugar dad have a few dollars to spend on it?

What do you get a few bucks for?
Seeking talks a lot about checking profiles and they are at least halfway serious. I wasn’t even allowed to look at the Premium Upsell site until I filled out my profile with a bunch of lies and uploaded a photo of a much prettier man. The picture is apparently still waiting for verification, by a real person, but I am free to give you my money.
The regular price is about twenty dollars, which are billed each month. There is also a 90-day Option that saves you a few dollars a month. This is an appetizer at a fancy dinner. If you can’t afford it, you probably can’t afford to go out with one of the women here. They are looking for guys who can buy them better food than Chicken Nuggets. This is the cocaine crowd, not the Meth Set.

The Premium benefits include these search filters, reading received messages and better privacy. The Upsell mentions an ad-free experience, but apparently my AdBlock did it for me. The Spam table in the corner of my browser says 22, but I have not seen any ads.

If you’re trying to get laid on Seeking, membership must be worthwhile. Do you think that every sugar baby wants a loser who can’t even afford a Premium membership on a Dating website? is definitely not a Dating website for all, and they know it. One of their most important appeals is that it cuts away a lot of shit that awaits you when you’re looking for some kind of relationship. This is reflected throughout the website, from the questions about setting up the profile to the fact that the net worth is displayed in the search results right next to height and physique.

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